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About Us

Award-winning firm, A & T Design has been practicing in Hong Kong for almost forty years, -tempering international idealism with fierce local efficiency. Its philosophy on projects, huge and small, has been to carefully create environments and buildings both attaining client objectives and addressing broader societal issues.

Team members collaborate dynamically on each project, bringing international perspective to regional and local work, -united by a shared concern for the human experiences of the architecture being created.

Prior to present popularity, our earliest projects explored passive and low-energy buildings honing a solid, experience-based understanding, and enthusiastic interest, in more humane and sustainable architecture.

Acute awareness that the community’s quality of life depends directly on the quality of design work, led to a commitment to developing the best innovative solutions for its clients and end-users.

Believing that great design richness can be derived from the particular “sense of place” inherent, or latent in a project context, -whether in the rich forms and textures, the character of the materials, and the physical and cultural context, -A & T Design’s work strives to enrich life by bringing out and creating in each project, a special “sense of place”.

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